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In this new era of consciousness, people are ‘waking up’ at a profoundly rapid rate. If you’re one of these awakened souls, chances are you’re a new style leader and you are probably asking…

What is my life purpose and how do I create a personal brand that fits? More importantly, the real question is… Why do some leaders struggle to stay positive and productive on a team or in their career, even when their intention is to succeed?


Perhaps the blocks or challenges around your social innovation or social enterprise are you? 

Throughout my career, I often thought “What if there is NO one story of formula for success across the board like they say there is? What if each person has or more like are encoded with their own stories and formula?” My distinction – what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. So I took it one step further and developed a system that reveals why being successful is more about a set of values or attributes, which make you feel successful from the inside out and let’s face it, if you don’t feel successful, you’re not, no matter what your life looks like or what anyone tells you.

I’d go as far to say that the majority of the things you want to accomplish in life can be accomplished — if it weren’t for your Limiting Core Belief, which is either the fear of failure or the fear of success and the powerful feelings that are connected to this belief. Your first step forward is to identify your Limiting Core Belief.

Is it the Fear of Failure or the Fear of Success?

A limiting core belief is a problem, not because it’s hard to change, but because it can be hard to catch. Unfortunately, your limiting core belief is unconscious and unquestioned and has become a part of your natural day-to-day life, which makes it very hard to find. Other people’s limiting belief can be easy to spot because you’re on the outside looking in, but your own often remain hidden from you. Maybe something happened to you when you were young, such as a painful and significant childhood experience, which has affected your thinking, your confidence or self-worth. Resulting in many years of thoughts and feelings forming strong connective pathways in your brain.

The good news is you can correct and transform this old pattern of thinking.


Supporting you on your path of Leadership
  • You’ll learn how to value your own stories and share your insights with confidence.
  • You’ll learn to be bold, but calm and grow beyond the norm so you can help others.

To correct and transform your Limiting Core Belief, you first need to get to the root that caused it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need years of therapy. You don’t have to explore every dimension of your childhood or your relationships.

 But you do need to do two things:

  • ONE – You need to isolate your Limiting Core Belief. 

Start with the one that really interferes with your growth. For me, it was “fear of failure”, which was the driver that formed every other limiting belief down the track. What’s yours? You don’t feel good enough? You don’t make enough money? You’re not smart?  You aren’t loveable?

  • TWO – Then you start the Correcting and Transforming Process.

You do this by using the Living Attributes Typology. You might feel a certain way about yourself, but that doesn’t make it true forever. And even if there was some truth in the original belief and feelings, you can acknowledge the pain, the lessons and the gifts that have brought you this point in your transformation.

If you’d like to be the Master of your Limiting Core Beliefs and want to find a new sense of self that is empowered by Your Story And Formula For Success, this could be the seminar you’re looking for.

ALSO INCLUDES – Identifying what your four Brand Avatars (Archetypes) are by using the Living Attributes Typology.

Creating Your Story And Formula For Success – 2 Day Seminar 
NOW facilitator and consultant: Elizabeth Ellames

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Seminar DATES and VENUE on request

What does it cost?

TWO-DAY program 
$1,300.00 per person 

SECOND LEVEL : TWO – Half Day Workshops $650.00 

Total package – $ 1,950.00 per person

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SECOND LEVEL : TWO – Half Day Workshops

Getting Your Story “Out There” To Create Social Impact

Pretty, young business woman giving a presentation

Utilising strategies of the world’s best speakers, to help you formulate your story to engage and motivate an audience.
  • 1/2 Day – Workshop/ONE


  • Strategies for controlling nervousness and fear
  • Tips for getting your story out to the media –
  • How to think like a journalist
  • What to do before an interview
  • Differences between being interviewed for print, radio, and TV
  • Body language and on camera skills
  • Defending your story, dealing with awkward questions

Camera lens

Participants will practice being interviewed and interviewing each other in front of the group. And then practice in front of the group and on camera at telling your personal story or parts of. This session is filmed so participants can watch the footage back to see when they are most engaging and where improvements could be made.

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.
Fine- tuning and practice at keeping your story succinct and engaging.
  • 1/2 Day – Workshop/TWO


The workshop culminates with makeup and styling with tips for what to wear on camera, and then you will be filmed presenting the short story that you have prepared and given an edited copy ready for you to use in “getting out there”.

SECOND LEVEL : TWO – Half Day Workshops $650.00 

NOW facilitator and consultant: Lisa McAskill

Email –  
Us On Facebook –

Email –  
Us On Facebook –
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