Why NOW?

Connectivity is much more than we think and here at NOW, we can confidently say that it is through our human connectivity that we are able to create social change.

People often think consciousness is different to nature, but of course, it is a consciousness that is driving all of creation. We call this level of connective reality Communication Networks of Consciousness. Just like everything in nature, our consciousness also has finite systems that operate on the principle of pathways and connectivity. The cosmos is, in fact, a sea of communication (common-union).

Clarity of purpose while in common-union, creates. It is at this level of participation that true coherence can and will occur. Coherence is like the glue of creation, which needs a consistency of logical interconnection plus an overall sense or understanding between other operating parts. It may sound complicated in relation to the community, but in fact, that is where we need to understand the nature of coherence most of all. Before we can really co-create we have to have coherence and before coherence, we have to have connectivity.

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There are many levels of connectivity between humans, but it is only when there is a collective impulse and unified purpose alive in a community that the creative process will activate and start moving forward. Each and every part of the whole must be in alignment with the desired outcome and each member must be fully present to his or her role in that outcome. The collective vision must always be the driver for the whole group.

Explaining plan

It is your ATTENTION and INTENTION that creates UNITY within you and around you.

Here are some key points to ask yourself about being on purpose and connecting in a community or on a team… take the time to write down these questions and your answers for further reference.

  • Do I Foster Cordial Collaboration?
  • Where Do I Promote Compassion?
  • Do I Connect Heart To Heart
  • Who do I know That Inspires Purpose?
  • Am I Creating Something Of Value?
  • Can I Focus On What Works?
  • Where Can I Create Opportunity?
  • Do I Understand Social Synergy Systems?
  • Is My Life Full Of Encouragement And Nourishment?
  • Where Can I Contribute More Than Money?
  • Am I Creating A Cohesive Community
  • Have I Made A Promise To Myself That I Want To Keep?

So, when you are faced with a moment of conflict within a group or even within yourself, you can connect to your vision and these questions – to see why the conflict has arisen. It doesn’t mean the conflict will disappear immediately, but rather you will see that the conflict may actually be a creative conflict and a necessary part of your evolution. It is at this point of choice that your life and vision can start to evolve into a reality.

Creative conflict is often a re-aligning mechanism and in the process of correcting and transforming the creative conflict, you actually become the new reality.

In regards to how a community can work together, this concept is leading edge. A community’s true function is unity and activity and we believe the science of community is connectivity and coherence with each other.

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A group’s success is determined by its willingness and ability to correct and transform as a collective, which ultimately brings people together as a cohesive community or team.


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Us On Facebook – www.facebook.com/nowleadershipinc/