What we stand for…

Collaborative Leadership

Our world is moving toward new social structures, which involves creating new systems, new communities, and new businesses. NOW acknowledges these new initiatives need a more cooperative style of leadership to grow the humanity we all want. Many people today want to make a positive difference in the world, but they don’t want to do it alone.


Activating Social Enterprise

NOW Leadership Inc. offers leadership programs, and platforms that promote opportunity, possibility and highlight the importance of building community. Social Enterprise is fast becoming a vital part of our planet’s future – Because these businesses create the specific ideas, funds, solutions, and sustainability that support positive change and growth at a grassroots level or globally. 

Esteem Toward Women 

We are all created equal, yet women have endured many years of inequality and dominance. NOW is committed to changing this old paradigm by creating a genuine shift, through keeping the “esteem toward women” conversation going through training and promoting the importance of true unity.


The Importance Of Belonging 

As humans, we are social beings and together we enhance our survival and enjoyment of life. NOW recognizes the importance of belonging, and acknowledges there is still room for growth and implementation in many areas of our society that are connected to belonging. 


Looking After Our Future 

What we do today is always ensuring the future of our planet and its inhabitants. NOW is taking care of our future by reflecting and respecting democratic principles that seek sustainable, renewable and transparent solutions, which will promote environmental and social equity.    



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