Resilience and Community Wellbeing in Leadership

Hi, I’m Cherie and my role at NOW Leadership Inc. is in the area of personal and community wellbeing.

We are social creatures and we don’t have to look very far to notice the awesome human spirit in people around us – the spirit of life that keeps them choosing to contribute to the evolution and well-being on our planet.

As a facilitator, I build an applied understanding of neuroscience and heart science through practical exercises, discussions, and reflections, and thus become better equipped for facing change and leading change as a new style leader. 

Creating Mindful & Heartfelt Connection.

  • Doing, Being, Becoming and Belonging – Understanding your occupational self
  • A Forest of Synapses – Have brain, Can train!
  • Instincts and Choices – The wiring and wherewithal for cohesive leadership
  • The Science of Compassion

Participants can also learn about community well-being and consider community well-being aspects of their projects and social enterprises.

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Even in our busy lives, we never stop yearning for unity and well-being. Taking the time to explore our desired outcomes allows us to trust in ourselves more so we can feel a real sense of belonging in our communities… how we want to live, love, work and play.


Cherie Rowett / Founder and creative director of

The NOW Leadership Inc. Team  

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