NOW LEADERSHIP Programs and Seminars

 We empower people to grow community, enhance their career and develop a social enterprise that creates new opportunities for the world.

What we offer in our tailor-made programs and seminars:

  • Opportunity to develop your own unique leadership style.
  • Empower women to step up and demonstrate their natural leadership.
  • Step by step strategy to developing a Story-Based Brand.
  • Team building that activates creative collaboration and coherence.
  • Discover your modern & traditional archetypes that drive your life purpose.
  • Develop a strong mindset of trust and unity in family and communities.
  • Insights on healing our collective wounds and cultural differences.
  • Learn why resilience and resonance are key in leadership.
  • Communication skills that help you share your message with confidence.
  • Ideas for generating unity and leadership among our youth.
  • Learn how we’re hardwired to share, care and be fair.
  • Support to set up your Financial/Social Enterprise Model.
  • Share new perspective on currency, collaboration, and community.
  • Identify and correct the Limiting Core Belief that’s restricting your success.
  • Explore the concepts and benefits of community well-being.
  • Coaching to make the most of media interview opportunities.
  • Create “the grab” that makes your presentation memorable.
  • Learn how to create social synergy for positive social change.
  • Learn specific practices for cultivating inner and outer peace.
  • People are invited to showcase their innovations for social change to the larger community.
  • Build effective and valuable relationships with potential sponsors and the public around the need for social change.

Our individual consulting rate is $120 per hour, with a free initial 30 min consultation. For specific outcome-based programs – please check our other pages, here on this website.

The NOW social enterprise model is a Social Innovation System that promotes and grows Social Synergy.
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