NOW LEADERSHIP Programs and Seminars

We empower people to grow a community, enhance their career and develop a social enterprise that creates new opportunities for the world.

What we offer in our tailor-made programs and seminars: 

Opportunity to develop your own unique leadership style.

Empower women to step up and demonstrate their natural leadership.

Step by step strategy to developing a Story-Based Brand.

Team building that activates creative collaboration and coherence.

Insights on healing our collective wounds and cultural differences.

Learn why resilience and resonance are key in leadership.

Communication skills that help you share your message with confidence.

Support to set up your Financial/Social Enterprise Model.

Identify and correct the Limiting Core Belief that’s restricting your success.

Coaching to make the most of media interview opportunities.

Create “the grab” that makes your presentation memorable.

Build effective and valuable relationships with potential sponsors and the public around the need for social change.

Our individual consulting rate is $150 per hour, with a free initial 30 min consultation. For specific outcome-based programs – please check our other pages, here on this website.

The NOW social enterprise model is a Social Innovation System that promotes and grows Social Synergy.

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