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Meet the NOW Leadership Inc. Board of Director’s 
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Elizabeth Ellames / Creative Director & Chairperson
My message for living a full life is: “Master your talents, create your art, always give generously and never give up on your loved ones or yourself… This is how I live life and is what motivated me to create a personal development tool called Living Attributes Typology, which consists of specific Archetypes. It’s a tool that defines and refines your true potential and purpose in life. 
With a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development combined with studying film for three years, I have applied this body of knowledge in becoming an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative and branding for personal and career development. I have an extensive skill base crossing; Pattern Recognition, Narrative Developments, Visionary Leadership, Personal Development and Social Synergy. I simply love creating dynamic cultures for businesses, public figures, and communities through the powerful medium of storytelling.
As Chair and Creative Director of NOW it is my pleasure and responsibility to uphold the vision and integrity of the NOW Leadership Inc. brand. 

Founder & Creative Director

Courtney Wilson / Business Development Director & Treasurer

What I love to do is promote collaboration and innovation and support the implementation of sustainable new ways. I’m a Change Management enthusiast who thinks collectively. I have experienced firsthand the value of diversity and the magic that happens when you find the right team. My message is to let go of control, stop doing it all alone and be co-creative. The key to success in any venture is through building quality relationships, embracing different methods, adapting to change and effectively navigating new situations; “collaboration invites success”

I am inspired being a member of the NOW team because we demonstrate the power of collaboration and have the opportunity to support innovation and New Style Leaders. I am honored to be able to contribute my financial acumen expertise and services in Business Development, Strategy and Collaboration and Organisational Change and Transformation, with a focus on bringing together corporate and community through Social Enterprise.

Founder and Managing Director

Cherie Rowett / Community Director & Secretary 

The brain or mind is amazing and is interconnected with our emotions, behaviors, instincts, and choices. Understanding how it all works can help us understand ourselves in social situations and team situations, and when facing or leading change. I’m a passionate Praxis Consultant and as an experienced occupational therapist and lecturer, I bring a practical understanding of neuroscience to share.

My motto is to be Mindful and Heartfelt in life. I have a holistic view of human wellbeing – where the quest for meaning and purpose is central – growing praxis for purpose. I relish the heartfelt vision and commitment amongst this fabulous team of progressive women – Elizabeth, Lisa, and Courtney. Together we support social innovation for social change at this time in history, when that is exactly what humanity wants and needs.

Founder and Creative Director of

Lisa McAskill / Media Director & Content Programmer 

The art of communication is the language of leadership – I delight in giving people the skills and confidence to effectively communicate their story, ideas, and visions. I have worked in the television and media industry as a presenter/reporter for nearly 30 years and so have developed a very practical knowledge of what it takes to engage an audience from on camera to live presentations. As a natural mentor who loves to teach, nothing thrills me more than witnessing people grow and transform to reach their full potential.

I was probably best known for my 14-year role as one of Adelaide’s most engaging TV presenters, on Channel 9’s multi- award-winning TV program, Postcards and featuring regularly on its sister program, Postcards Australia broadcast nationally on the Win Network. In 2011 I established Lisa McAskill Presenting with a focus on the training of presenters and media mentoring. My role as the Media Director & Content Programmer, for NOW, is to oversee its production arm, which includes writing, producing and directing online video content for Change Makers who need a social impact video, along with creating promotional videos for people managing or developing a social enterprise.

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