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An invitation to participation 

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Elizabeth Ellames

Elizabeth seeded the original idea “social synergy creates social change” back in 2011 – For many years it had been her vision and passion to create positive social change in the world. Naively she thought she could do it on her own, but fortunately, she came to the conclusion that in order for her vision to become a reality, it would require building a community of like-minded people. Elizabeth needed to align her vision with the visions and hearts of others. She shared her idea in Adelaide, South Australia, by simply emailing 24 women from her social and professional networks, inviting them to participate in a 12-month social synergy venture, whereby they would learn a new way of contributing and collaborating. Over the next 5 years, this seed idea continued to grow – It grew into The Unite Your Light New Style Leadership Program and United Projects Initiative, which formed an integral foundation for NOW Leadership Inc.


Courtney Wilson

In early 2012, Courtney Wilson said YES to the invitation from Elizabeth Ellames and joined the group of women to participate in a 12-month social synergy venture and learn a new way of contributing and collaborating. For as long as Courtney can remember she wanted to team up with people to make a difference. Her heart’s desire is to shine the light and pathway towards UNITY. As a Change Coach and Consultant, Courtney knows there is such an array of diverse landscapes as there is in the characteristics of its people. If we embrace those differences, knowing each has a unique and equal part to play in the larger whole; we will start to move together as ONE and co-create a world that is connected, cooperative, adaptable and a win for everyone. The Unite Your Light New Style Leadership Program showed Courtney that unity starts within us, our family, our community and then the world. As part of the United Projects Initiative, Courtney envisioned teaming up with Elizabeth to co-create Cohesive Leadership for Change – an experiential training program to equip and empower women to take action on their life purpose and contribute to social change. Together, they invited Cherie and Lisa to join their team, which led towards the incorporation of NOW Leadership Inc. in 2015

Cherie Rowett - board member 

Cherie Rowett

As a participant in Elizabeth’s social synergy venture, Cherie enjoyed learning experientially about leadership and collaboration. She discovered that her archetypes provide her with supportive, innovative and directive elements in her leadership style, which together with her professional skills in occupational therapy, and her personal brand story and values, has enabled her to identify her life purpose more clearly than ever before. Cherie accepted the invitation to become a co-founder of NOW Leadership Inc, with a sense of responsibility to build a positive legacy for the next generations, who will benefit from new tools and pathways to cope with significant social changes in livelihood and lifestyle. Cherie brings an occupational and humanitarian lens to her role in co-creating transformative spaces, events, and programs with the NOW team.


Lisa McAskill 

Lisa took up the invitation to be part of the Cohesive Leadership for Change program in 2015 when invited by Elizabeth Ellames and Courtney Wilson. She was keen to work with those wanting to set up a social enterprise or project that was for the benefit of others rather than just the self and believed that her skills and knowledge in the area of media, public speaking, presenting and video creation would be of value. Combined with the unique and varied expertise of the 4 women on the team and their heartfelt desire to contribute to making a difference thought that it was a great opportunity to create a unique leadership program that added value in a deeper more spiritually connected way to empower people in their pursuit of positive social change.

Together we are NOW Leadership Inc.


Email – info@nowleadershipinc.com  

Us On Facebook – www.facebook.com/nowleadershipinc/

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