Cohesive Leadership For Change

COHESIVE LEADERSHIP FOR CHANGE – PROGRAM is an experiential 10-month training program to equip and empower women to take action on their life purpose and contribute to social change.

PURPOSE – To support women who want to create social change within their own life, business or organisation; To introduce a new model of cohesive leadership.

  • Support Women Through A Step By Step Process To Develop A Strategy With A Focus On Social Innovation And Empowerment;
  • Develop Skills To Effectively Work In A Team And Enhance Cooperation When Collaborating;
  • Guide Women Through An Archetype Typology That Identifies And Refines Their Value Based Personal Brand Which Also Supports Their Personal Development;
  • Teach Presenting, Communication And Media Skills So Women Can Give Voice To Their Leadership And Message;
  • Provide Understanding Of Why And How Resonance/Social Synergy Works From A Neuroscience And Heart Science Perspective, Exploring The Nature Of Human Emotions, Instincts And Choices.

OUTCOMES / Benefits and Tools

  • Identify Your Purpose, Personal Brand Using The LA Archetype Typology;
  • Develop A Strategy To Act On Your Purpose Using A Simple And Easy To Follow System;
  • Ability To Achieve More Through Learning To Collaborate;
  • Create Effective Team Building Through Aligning Your Purpose And Strategic Direction;
  • The Opportunity To Demonstrate Your Creative Gifts In A Leading Edge Environment;
  • Learn Powerful Techniques To Harness Your Inner Authority And Recognise Your Choice Points Through Your Heart And Mind Connection;
  • Access To Ongoing Support, Mentoring, And Training In A New Style Leadership Community;
  • Gain A Lasting Confidence In Your Ability To Create Cohesive Leadership.

The team at NOW Leadership Inc. demonstrates and promotes the importance of creating quality RESONANCE. What’s the real power and benefit of creating Resonance?It gives people the ability to experience Creative Social Synergy, which is a new and effective approach to teamwork that builds a powerful, genuine collective integrity, resulting in cohesive collaboration and forms a new style of leadership, allowing people to find their true potential and purpose in life. – learn how.

Seminar DATES and VENUE on request

What does it cost? 

TEN-MONTH program $10,000.00 – all training, meals, and accommodation included.

For a group of 3 or more group booking discounts apply. 


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Meet Our Cohesive Leadership for Change Facilitators:  


Courtney Wilson – Business Strategist & Change Manager /

Version 2

Elizabeth Ellames – Personal Development & Brand Specialist /


Cherie Rowett – Occupational Therapist Lecturer /


Lisa McAskill – Media & Communications Trainer /