Brand Identity and Life Purpose in LEADERSHIP

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and my facilitator and Creative Director role at NOW Leadership Inc. is to help people identify their true nature and clarify their life purpose. 

Brand Identity – Develop a value based personal brand, so you can confidently create positive change in your life and your world around you.

Clarity of Intention – Providing tools to strengthen your focus and help you achieve your style of leadership. 

How Does It Work? – I have created the Living Attributes Typology, which is a practical tool that identifies and refines your value-based brand. It is a process of clarifying your combination of Archetypes, which collectively ignite your natural potential. Through this comprehensive body of work, you can find out your life purpose, your personal brand and what your audience is looking for… 

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“Quality is not an act. It is a habit.” — Aristotle

My Role As A Creative Director –

Let’s discover together. 

  • How you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others by connecting to your larger story; Your Brand
  • Learn from a top industry expert who will guide you step by step, through this transition into a more purpose-driven life.
  • Why developing your gifts into a quality, a value-based brand can lead to your personal success.
  • How to find your powerful message and become an expert in your particular niche!
  • Learn what it means to know yourself, trust yourself and live a larger story.

We are surrounded by a myriad of choices today about who we could be or who we should be, which don’t serve any of our feelings about truly belonging. Knowing who we are and trusting in our unique gifts is how we contribute to living a larger story for humanity. 

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