BIG Belonging Initiative​

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The BIG Belonging Initiative is a project that has been created for the purpose of generating funds and building resilience through social innovation and social enterprise.

The BIG Belonging Initiative is a resource-rich model with a strategy centred on creating a ‘Sharing and Caring Collaborative Economy’.

Sustainability | Community | Well-Being | Self-Esteem | Creativity | Productivity Collaboration | Sharing-Economy

NOW’s BIG Belonging Initiative role:-

  • empowerment and encouragement for people in social enterprise
  • activation of a cohesive culture for collaboration
  • delivery of new style leadership programs and seminars
  • ensures appropriate mentoring and leadership
  • develop and maintain the narrative and culture


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The Vision

Our vision is to reinvigorate Community Centres in SA – their existing spaces and buildings, and transforming them into attractive, thriving, creative, social businesses that are of interest and benefit to the community. Using these existing environments, spaces and structures is an authentic demonstration of the next wave of social enterprise – ‘the sharing and caring collaborative economy’ model – which is ‘utilizing what already exists and adding value to its culture’, rather than going to the current ‘start-up’ model.

Creating A New Story

We aim to add to the new and vibrant social enterprise culture growing in South Australia… We call on the valuable past culture/story of the area to build a new story and future story. Because it’s through our stories that we create our value, which then builds a collective culture around belonging and contributing.

An Invitation To Participate

A genuine invitation to participate is key in these ventures and all who choose to collaborate on these projects will be committing to creating possibility and opportunity for growth on many levels. Moreover, everyone on the “BIG Belonging Team” grows. No matter whether you are learning, facilitating or managing, you’ll be growing toward your own potential and mastery, which in turn will add great value to the collective outcome of the centre or hub.

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Importance Of Belonging

People don’t really know their potential until they are given the opportunity to be creative. With opportunity and ambition, people can demonstrate their ability to respond to their own needs, which leads to a true belonging in their community.

Opportunity To Grow

Humans are creative, innovative and curious by nature. We’re hardwired to be in relationship and it’s through our ability to collaborate and cooperate with each other that creates sustainable and unified results.

Growing Resources

We are seeking avenues of funding, resources, and support to make this initiative a successful and prosperous reality.


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The BBI Team

Elizabeth Ellames


BIG Belonging Initiative | Project Team Coordinator and Co-Manager

Creative Producer | Facilitator | Purpose-Based Branding Consultant

Elizabeth helps people and businesses gain clarity about the value and culture connected to their story, their brand, and their purpose. She started her own business in 1984 and now has two businesses, and is also the co-founder of a collaborative business; NOW Leadership Inc. With an extensive career in the world of personal and professional development, combined with studying Film Theory and Production at Flinders University; Elizabeth has applied this comprehensive body of knowledge to become an expert in the field of archetype branding for personal, career, business, and leadership development.

• Key Messages: “Social Synergy creates Social Change” and “Our Story forms our Identity and our identity fuels our Purpose.”

• People, Place, and Purpose are Elizabeth’s forte and her skill as a storyteller for narrative development, branding and film come from a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development. Elizabeth designs and facilitates transformational and evolutionary seminars, and creates videos that validate people, culture and community. Elizabeth loves creating new worlds for people to experience, by uncovering emotions that ignite our hunger for real humanity, giving the participant or viewer an encounter that induces a healthy longing for lasting change.

Cherie Rowett

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BIG Belonging Initiative | Project Team Facilitator and Co-Manager

Consultant | Facilitator | Occupational Therapist

Cherie assists people to make life do-able during times of occupational disruption and transition. Providing occupational therapy services in the health and disability field for over twenty-five years, Cherie is skilled in working closely with people and families in identifying needs, skills, strengths, and solutions that include enhancing occupational performance, enriching occupational environments, developing occupational narratives and identity, and considering occupational rights/justice.

• Key messages: “Connecting Heart and Mind” enables a new style of leadership; “Making Life Do-able” enhances the quality of life and wellbeing and enables capacities to develop into capabilities.

• Wellbeing & Resilience & Praxis – these 3 focal areas are also essential outcomes for any sustainable human endeavor or enterprise, including within a purpose business economy. Prior experience of hierarchical team structures has given Cherie a first-hand understanding of the need for alternative models in this collaborative era. The time is ripe for distributed power structures that invite and support authentic participation in social change – eg. making it possible for people who will benefit from social change to lead and participate in

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Elizabeth Ellames – B.B.I | Project Team Coordinator and Co-Manager

Concept Branding Consultant

Cherie Rowett – B.B.I | Project Team Facilitator and Co-Manager

Wellbeing, Resilience and Praxis Consultant

Lisa McAskill – B.B.I | Project Ambassador

11043213_560065627441998_7584307410799001422_o copy

Lisa McAskill – took up the invitation to be part of the Our Future Is NOW – Empowerment Program in 2015. She was keen to work with those wanting to set up a social enterprise or project that was for the benefit of others rather than just the self and believed that her skills and knowledge in the area of media, public speaking, presenting and video creation would be of value. Combined with the unique and varied expertise of the women on the team and their heartfelt desire to contribute to making a difference. She thought that it was a great opportunity to create a unique leadership program that added value in a deeper more spiritually connected way to empower people in their pursuit of positive social change.

Media and Presentation Skills Consultant

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