Activate Your Audience Seminar

The art of communication is the language of leadership! This seminar gives people the skills and confidence to effectively communicate their story, ideas, and visions.

In this one-day seminar our role as facilitators is to support New Style Leaders in unlocking and presenting their stellar innovations into relatable and engaging presentations… and develop a strategy that enhances audience satisfaction and financial performance.


  • Developing Your Most Engaging And Authentic Presenting Persona And How To Build Instant Rapport With Your Audience
  • Strategic Communication Processes That Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships Between Organisations And The Public, Helping An Organisation And The Public Adapt Mutually To Each Other.
  • Explore The Art And Social Science Of Analysing Trends, Predicting Their Consequences And Implementing A Plan Of Action, Which Will Serve Both The Organisation And Public Interest.
  • How The Media Works And How To Use It To Your Advantage
  • On Camera Techniques For Video Presentations
  • Voice Technique For Live And Recorded Presentations
  • How To Master And Reduce The Effects Of Nerves And Understanding Your Body Language
  • Tips For Writing And Presenting An Engaging Speech

Coffee breakSuccess in the field of Business Development requires an understanding of the interests and concerns of others.

Learn how to effectively address those concerns using the most powerful tools in the public arena, which are conversation, co-operation, and collaboration. In these useful and interactive sessions, you will learn how to effectively engage your audience “on camera” via online video, in media interviews and live presentations.

Some of the sessions are also filmed for participants to watch back the footage to really gain insight into how they “present” and how they convey the messages they are hoping to deliver.

Seminar DATES and VENUE on request
What does it cost?
For a group of 3 or more group booking discounts apply.
ONE-DAY program $650.00 per person 
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NOW Facilitator and Consultant / Lisa McAskill and Courtney Wilson

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