Seed Ideas and Collective Visions

I had the pleasure of being one of the facilitators at our Open State event – Social Synergy creates Social Changes.  


TOPIC – “The fear of losing your identity or individuality when collaborating or co-creating”.

Here is a brief overview of what I spoke about on the day – 

We have adopted a whole new LEXICON around doing business, which has emerged over the last few years. People talk a lot today about collaboration, co-creation, being agile and adaptive, but what does that really mean?

Let’s face it these concepts are much easier said than done.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • WHAT gets in the way of us demonstrating the real value and meaning of these words?
  • WHY do we often struggle emotionally, when we try and team up with others, specifically to overcome the many challenges in our world… Moreover, that we’re really passionate about?
  • HOW can we reach a higher ground, where we can collectively and successfully turn our ideas into actions.

MY STORY – Let’s wind back my life to six years ago when I invited a group of women to participate in a 12-month self-empowerment venture through the process of social synergy, cohesive collaboration, and co-creation… It was an opportunity to build bridges between the old and new and teach future generations to live creative and compassionate lives. The seed idea of that vision was “to grow a new humanity”.

Now that seemed pretty straightforward to me; – I felt I had a clear vision and naively thought that everyone who came on board would also have a clear and passionate vision that they could add to the collective vision. However, I now know as a CREATIVE and VISIONARY I have a particular way of operating, thinking and expressing myself.

My reality at the time was that everyone who turned up would also think like me and would go through the process similar to how I would. First mistake!

After all, I did say… That the seed idea of the vision was “to grow a new humanity”. Seemed real clear to me!! I soon learned that people enrolled, not because of the vision that I shared, but because something within them had begun to wake up. It felt good to be apart of something that was new and exciting. So here I was in the middle of a group of women who had said YES to the CALL so to speak – yet didn’t really know what they were saying YES to. The major lesson I had during that time was that I experienced how we each have a personal culture that we operate under. We all have a particular lens that we view life through, which can be of enormous value or it can be very challenging.

I had to learn very quickly to be Objective, Observant and Open to what was being presented in the space each week and in every moment. Why did I do that? Because I knew we were on to something very powerful that could indeed “grow a new humanity”.

However, it wasn’t easy… Because as a species we are still in “Transition” when it comes to demonstrating these words; collaboration, co-creation, being agile and adaptive. We had to move beyond what I call the “Thinking Wars” that people hold onto so tightly… And move beyond “What’s in it for me”. We had to move Beyond Belonging to a new reality that was made from the formula of TRUTH + TRUST = UNITY.

And we each had to learn to stop making the other person wrong, just because they didn’t think the same. 

We learned that the only way to move forward for the betterment of the COLLECTIVE VISION was for us all to first connect heart to heart, not head to head, which by the way built a profound resonance within the group that supported the development of the collective vision and the lives of all involved.

After delivering my story I invited the panel of guest speakers to share their experience of the topic – “The fear of losing your identity or individuality when collaborating or co-creating”.

The overall theme that emerged from the panel, on this particular topic was – “To maintain your Generosity of Spirit and always go back to your Intention and Purpose”. 

In Summary – If we are really going to succeed at turning ideas into action, it will take ALL of us coming together in different ways, with our different skill sets and personal cultures, and be willing to explore the new frontier of genuinely demonstrating UNITY.

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Elizabeth Ellames – Chairperson and Creative Director at NOW Leadership Inc.

Turning ideas into action!

Social Synergy creates Social Change – looking after our future

“To create a new currency for a thriving future it will take all of us coming together in different ways”. 

At our event on Oct 7th, 2017 we experience the power of a conversational panel discussion, a participatory workshop, and international guest speaker Dame DC Cordova via video. We also explored the many levels of connectivity between humans and it’s only when there is a collective impulse of true purpose alive in a community that the creative process will activate and start moving forward.

A big THANK YOU to Erma Ranieri, David Pearson, Khadija Gbla, Scott Boocock, Dame DC Cordova and the wonderful participants who shared their ideas and stories.

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The valuable takeaways from the event…

DAME DC Cordova – I always go back to the message of the great Buckminster Fuller… “How do we make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone?”

ERMA RANIERI – Demonstrate your leadership from behind. When you’re in a role to be able to remove the barriers to innovation, you have a responsibility.
I go back to why I’m here – we all have a purpose. It’s not about my position, it’s about my generosity of spirit.  – “Go for it”

DAVID PEARSON – Trying hard is not good enough, Good intentions are not good enough. Make it personal. Take a systems approach; setting yourself up to do more for others – As a privileged white male, my family taught me a sense of values, to give back and be a joiner of community groups. “Keep calm and carry on”

KHADIJA GBLA – As an African Australian I see myself as a bridge; a bridge between culture, between people. It’s not about choosing a side as both offers so much – “Collaboration is not optional – it’s a must”

SCOTT BOOCOCK – It’s about growing… I use my name, my experience of traveling the world and my privilege of growing up in a lower social economic society where black and white didn’t really exist to me – “it was only Dougie, Ritchie or Brian” they were simply my mates. 
Here’s my ‘WINNING formula for success – Why; Idea; Network; No-mans land; Innovate; Now the How; Go for it

LISA McASKILL – When people are prepared to share stories, their vulnerabilities, their fears, and their strengths – real connection and understanding occur, which leads to collaborations and outcomes.

COURTNEY WILSON – When we create a space to acknowledge, own and share our fears of what gets in the way of cooperation, something starts to shift. We begin to recognise it’s not about our position, title or accolades, but rather it’s about integrity, generosity of spirit and our ability to connect with heart, trust, and openness.

CHERIE ROWETT – Raising resonance allowed us to experience social synergy in the room – and it struck me how very happy it makes people to experience social synergy. An authentic conversation about social change can then be ignited – as we saw with everyone becoming able to create together not only collaboratively and authentically, but also joyfully!

ELIZABETH ELLAMES – By simply creating the appropriate space physically and energetically for people to be real with each other, gives them the confidence to enter into the realm of the imagination, which literally magnifies possibility and opportunity.



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