Congratulations, You’re a Winnovation Finalist!


On behalf of Women in Innovation and Technology SA, congratulations again on a wonderful submission. We’re very much looking forward to celebrating with you!

We are so excited to be finalists in the SA Winnovation Awards!!

For many years it’s been our vision and passion to create positive social change in the world. Naively we thought we could do it on our own, fortunately we came to the conclusion that in order for our vision to become a reality, it would require building a community of like-minded people. We needed to align our visions with the visions and hearts of others.


Our motto is Connect, Create and Contribute… Because our future is NOW.

Our next steps are to grow a community that creates teams, systems, events, and media that raises human consciousness as well as funds for social change and sustainability at a grass roots level and globally. Our vision is to educate the public on how to create a unified field around their social enterprise projects and to create social change through duplicating our collaborative social innovation system, which gives back through its socially conscious financial model.